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Nft meaning.
In the event you loved this informative article and you wish to receive more information relating to invest in nft generously visit our own internet site. [Education] The completion rate of educational programs is very low, around 5%.image What if we could record the challenge process together through LifeMining and celebrate the success by minting an NFT?
[Entertainment] HYBE idols hold a dance challenge with fans after releasing a new song and mint an NFT, and they can share the rewards with followers. Isn’t that meaningful?1 year ago As a reference, the log notes of the process of making popular movies are also items that fans must collect.
[Sports] When NIKE releases a new product, people can certify their daily running challenge. If people participate in the process and succeed in the challenge, they will receive rewards. If you want to create a habit of using your product, you can do it with LifeMining.8 months ago People don’t just consume, they like the experience of participating and thinking of it as part of themselves.
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