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本教程简要介绍了 amp- live-list 组件 并重点介绍了一些实施详情 如分页和深层链接 所有这些均使用直播博客示例作为例子.
This tutorial provides a short overview of the amp-live-list component and focuses on some implementation details for live blogs, like pagination and deep linking.
We ll use AMP By Example s live blog sample to illustrate implementing live blogs in AMP.
为了进一步加强用户的差异化体验 集团拓展 Live House 线下演出 探索O2O的模式.
In order to further enhance user experience through product differentiation, the Group extended its business to Live House music performance and explored music O2O model.
在线列表 Live list 通知上行PLC所连接Modbus TCP服务器设备的状态.
Live list to inform the uplink PLC the status of connected Modbus TCP server devices.
如何在 Forex 开通模拟账户.
How to open a demo account in Forex.
为 Forex 在线交易的最好手段.
The best instruments for successful online Forex trading.
标记限制延长了 Broker 计算机选择过程.
A tag restriction extends the broker s machine selection process.
未完全初始化 Broker 镜像管理器.
The broker mirroring manager has not fully initialized.
Service Broker 在消息交换期间维护网络连接.
Service Broker maintains the network connection while messages are actively exchanged.
Service Broker 还使用消息序列号检测重复的消息.
Service Broker also uses the message sequence number to detect duplicate messages.
现在 您已经熟悉了 amp- live-list 组件 我们来了解如何实施更复杂的直播博客 请继续阅读 详细了解如何实施分页以及深层链接的工作原理.
Now that you re familiar with the amp-live-list component, 二元期權 let s figure out how to implement a more complex live blog.
Read on to learn more about how to implement pagination, and how deep linking works.
在此您可以简单设置另一个选定的网关网络并设置I O数据大小 启动或关闭控制 状态字 取决于选择的网络 和在线列表 Live List 特性也在此.
Here you can easily setup the other chosen gateway network and set the I O data size.
Enabling or disabling the mapping of the control status word depending on chosen network and Live List features are also made here.
如果您喜欢此HotForex评论 请在社交网络上分享 欲了解更多Hotforex评论以及最新的Top Forex Broker 评论 请访问.
If you like this HotForex review then share it on social networks please, For more Hotforex reviews and for the latest Top Forex Broker reviews visit website.
Forex 信号是有偿的服务由一些经纪和独立 Forex 编年史作者提供.
Forex signals are paid services offered by some brokers and independent Forex annalists.
Forex 训练是必要为任何人以这兴趣.
Forex training is a necessity for anyone with this interest.
有 Forex 贸易商全世界在每个可能的时区.
There are Forex traders all over the world in every possible time zone.
Forex 是短的为外汇.
Forex is short for foreign exchange.
ICEBERG DRINK作参与此项特别活动 为电影明星 演员和名人提供饮品 使他们在2019年9月19日GMM Live House 的整个活动中能享受鲜活及富生命力的饮品.
Iceberg Drink has participated as part of the special event to serve the drinks to film stars, actors actresses, and celebrities so that they enjoy freshness and lively throughout the whole event on 19 September 2019 at GMM Live House.
记录成功和失败相邻的 Broker 登录.
Records both successful and 二元期權 unsuccessful adjacent Broker logins.
每秒从 Broker 传输队列中删除的消息数.
The number of messages that have been removed from the broker transmission queue per second.
Service Broker 提供性能计数器和事件通知以监视服务.
Service Broker provides performance counters and event notifications to monitor a service.
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